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Security Marking is a Wise Move


Every year, the police find goods they presume are stolen but because they cannot identify them, they may not be able to prove it and the goods are never returned to the owner. That’s why security marking is a practical way to protect your property – goods that are marked can be far harder to sell on as the marking will help to link the thief to the crime. You […]


Perhaps I do not understand precisely what a personal interior decorator does, and I should inquire before going on with this, but that would be too sensible. So forward I go, with the knowledge that I may stand corrected shortly. It is my belief that everything, right down to your Silentnight mattresses are selected for you when you employ one of these interior design decorators. I reckon you are meant […]


One of the most frequently asked questions is how to make your own space inside a family home. This is usually being asked by an adult who can’t concentrate on the bills, their craft hobby, or who needs an actual space for work related meetings. Whether to choose corner sofas or two independent sofas to fill a larger living room would be tons easier to address. Alas, this must be […]


I have to wonder what we ever did before we had travel information online. Sure, I know we relied upon the printed versions of Lonely Planet, Fodor’s and others of the same ilk. But, having both of those online to access at will is a phenomenal advancement in my opinion. However, there is one guide maker that still holds my full attention in the printed format, Louis Vuitton. You may […]


You know how some houses feel really well put together? I don’t mean in the sense that they were built with solid foundations, or that they are well insulated, I am talking about an abode with housewares that tie things together. Someone in these homes knew how to make its work seamlessly, or had a little birdy whispering in their ear about how to do it. The end result is […]