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Find Your Great Train Journey Inspiration


Though lots of people don’t think to investigate it, riding the rails can be an exhilarating experience. I suppose not everyone is aware of the fact that along the journey to your final destination you can hop off and take tours or go on excursions. There is a great deal more flexibility involved than might be apparent, and there are more than simply a handful of truly great train journeys […]


It is hard to believe that the blockbuster film Titanic came out all the way back in 1997. Was it truly that long ago that we fell in love with Rose and Jack and witnessed again the terrible tragedy of the Titanic sinking? Well as consolation for the fact that over a decade has passed us by, was the appearance of Kate Winslet loving as lovely as ever at the […]


As I have been reading up on the places I intend to visit in the United States this summer, I get more and more excited. Since I am going with my partner, who is American, they are not feeling the need to do the level of research that I am involved in. Lucky for me, it also has meant that they could make a great deal of the plans and […]