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Whether you’re searching on the lookout for a new vehicle for your construction company or thinking about what you’ll need for a house extension or landscaping project, you’ll probably come across the mini-loader at some point. This versatile piece of lifting equipment is a digging machine directed via a platform on its rear. The mini-loader can be used to clear debris or, with the aid of attachments, can be […]

Decorating With a Football Theme


If your son is an avid football supporter, his dream bedroom will probably have some sort of a football theme. Get your child involved in the process, let them pick the colours and details and you can really enjoy this project together. There are two ways to approach theming a child’s bedroom, an easily changeable surface makeover or going all out on the theme.  If the subject is something that […]


It may seem more of an annoyance than a potential danger, but mould can cause an allergic reaction in some people.  Dr Edmond Shenassa of the Brown Medical School found that it can even cause a slowing of the emotions, which can lead to depression and mental fatigue.  Mould can develop in a variety of areas and with the installation of central heating and double glazing; older homes can be […]

Men’s Fashion Trends


By far the biggest trend in men’s fashion for the warmer months this year will be the classic all American look, which is fantastic for a number of different reasons. Firstly, this look is easy to create and easy to wear, meaning that any man should be able to pull it off. Secondly, this look is made up of a number of key items that can be mixed, matched and […]