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Scarcity of land in the centre of cities led to a policy change; build upwards. High rise development became a feature of many towns and cities decades ago.¬† It was a policy that solved one problem but has created many more, not least the feeling of isolation amongst its inhabitants. The feeling of community that individual houses, albeit in terraces, created has been notably absent in apartment blocks and for […]

Managing Debt


Debt is a serious concern for many people, most of whom are still paying the price of overspending in the boom years. When the world economy took a nosedive, many people ended up with more debt than they could handle. Fortunately, there are ways in which debt can be made easier to handle without borrowers having to resort to the more extreme measures of bankruptcy or IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements). […]

Top Five Reasons for Divorce


According to many top¬†family solicitors in Exeter the majority of couples divorce after experiencing one or more common problems. The following are the top five reasons for divorce in England and Wales. 1. Infidelity Extra-marital sex has been the predominant cause of divorce for decades. When a couple enters into marriage, an express decision to remain faithful is made. The decision can be regarded as a contractual obligation, but clearly […]


As I have been reading up on the places I intend to visit in the United States this summer, I get more and more excited. Since I am going with my partner, who is American, they are not feeling the need to do the level of research that I am involved in. Lucky for me, it also has meant that they could make a great deal of the plans and […]


If you are a Charles Dickens fan, and would love to share your love of Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities with those harboring that common interest, then 2012 is your year. As it is when the international celebration of the life and work of this legendary author is held under the title of Dickens 2012. This event will mark the bicentenary of his birth, and will be […]

Review of the Book Shadow Tag


The book Shadow Tag is one in which a wife becomes a master manipulator of her controlling husband, no small feat. Its most interesting quality is how this main character, Irene gets a handle on how to orchestrate what is most commonly one of the most complicated of relationships, that of spouses. Irene turns the table on her husband by going from receiver to conductor in a failing marriage. Where […]


I think the greatest gift you can give a child is a book. No matter what their age, if they are too young to read, then they can be read to from the book, or if they already read then they can enjoy starting up their imagination through the gift. But, my favourite time to give a child a book falls between the ages of three and five because this […]