Awaken the Imagination of a Child Through the Gift of a Book

I think the greatest gift you can give a child is a book. No matter what their age, if they are too young to read, then they can be read to from the book, or if they already read then they can enjoy starting up their imagination through the gift. But, my favourite time to give a child a book falls between the ages of three and five because this is shown to be when a love for reading is commonly established.

Recently, I have taken to giving children’s books that center around animals as I see it as a yet another opportunity to teach something to the young and impressionable. The loveable creatures found in the pages of a colourful oversized book, or a longer story often that tell of the animals nature. The personalities that are attributed to the main animal characters and supporting ones can leave lasting imprints and feelings on a little one. The last one that I gifted was What’s up Duck? I am eager to find out how the recipient enjoyed it, and to have the chance to read it to them myself.