Dating as a Senior Can Restore Your Links with the World

cityScarcity of land in the centre of cities led to a policy change; build upwards. High rise development became a feature of many towns and cities decades ago.  It was a policy that solved one problem but has created many more, not least the feeling of isolation amongst its inhabitants. The feeling of community that individual houses, albeit in terraces, created has been notably absent in apartment blocks and for the elderly, especially those living alone is has almost become a trap.

Senior Dating restores your links from on high


It is difficult enough recovering from the loss of a soul mate without finding yourself in a soulless development and all the attendant problems they have produced. Those problems include an environment which has led to inner city crime and general anti-social behaviour.

It is possible to feel alone even when you are surrounded by people. City life can be hectic with people having little time to stop and talk. It can be a world of a host of strangers who rarely acknowledge others. That is not just people in the street; it can be people living on the same floor of an apartment block.

You may sit at home and become depressed. It certainly isn’t good for your health and wellbeing. You may get to the point of rarely going out, perhaps just the weekly shop and not much more.

Think and act

Nobody is suggesting it is easy to get out of a routine of shopping and simply watching television at home but surely it is worthwhile to stop and think. There are many people out there who have suffered losses themselves and are also in need of a kind word and some gossip. You can gossip online you know.


The Internet can take you to places where your imagination dreams of exotic places; perhaps it is not altogether different from watching a film, but the Internet is much more. It is interactive and actually lets you engage with people and places.  You can ask a question and get an answer. You can make a comment and other people may respond. Suddenly there may be a dialogue and an audience that is similar to sitting around in a room chattering away.

There are also websites that invite people to join. There is nothing sinister in that. They are trying to get like-minded people together to build up friendships. It is the online alternative to joining a local club where you can meet new people. It is worthwhile doing that as well but the Internet has no geographical limits. You can actually meet people who you first contacted online or become friends with someone on the other side of the country. It is entirely up to you.

Senior Dating provides some light at the end of the tunnel. The Internet is an interesting medium anyway for spending some time researching, perhaps downloading films and music. It also has websites which may help you find friends and form new relationships from the comfort of your front room, even in a high rise.

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