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Looking great on a winter city break


City breaks are a great way of spending a weekend away before or after Christmas. They offer something to look forward to. A little light on the dark winter horizon. Close to the UK, and indeed in the UK, there are scores of cities with plenty to offer the visitor who spends two or three days there. Most destinations offer the possibility of cold and more cold. So, whether it […]

Autumn-Winter Shoe Style Guide


Shoes can make or break an outfit and the right styles change as fast as the rest of the fashion industry. In order to keep up with the trends, you need to change your shoe styles along with the trends and the seasons. The shoe trends for this autumn and winter are as diverse as ever. Women should be able to find something that fits not only their personalities, but […]

Maternity underwear


Buying new underwear can be a trying experience at the best of times and buying a new bra in particular can sometimes feel like the hunt for the Holy Grail. Getting it right is important, however, as there’s nothing worse then being stuck at work wearing an ill-fitting bra or a horribly uncomfortable pair of pants! Finding the right maternity underwear is then even more important, because as your body […]

Men’s Fashion Trends


By far the biggest trend in men’s fashion for the warmer months this year will be the classic all American look, which is fantastic for a number of different reasons. Firstly, this look is easy to create and easy to wear, meaning that any man should be able to pull it off. Secondly, this look is made up of a number of key items that can be mixed, matched and […]


There are so many new fashion trends emerging locally and globally every day and it’s essential to keep on top of the key trends.  Many of the key trends are started on the catwalk or by celebrities and eventually move onto the high street fashion retailers. There are currently several key trends for women on the high street and one of the most important key fashion trends for both men and […]


It is hard to believe that the blockbuster film Titanic came out all the way back in 1997. Was it truly that long ago that we fell in love with Rose and Jack and witnessed again the terrible tragedy of the Titanic sinking? Well as consolation for the fact that over a decade has passed us by, was the appearance of Kate Winslet loving as lovely as ever at the […]

The Holy Grail of Loungewear Has Been Found


Get ready to brace ourselves again, as the ongoing struggle we face every year when it turns cold outside returns. We want to look great, be warm and also comfortable. It is a bit of a fashion fiasco if you ask me, as if the those three things we long for are beyond reach, and this has been beyond reason for me for years. So when I say get ready, […]


Wondering what to expect to be the hot ticket amongst winter’s wardrobe, then ponder no more. Metallics baby, ane expect them to be everywhere from handbags to formfitting sweaters. This trend will hit hard as far as amount levels, but need not leave your wallet empty. Metallics will be found intermingled in daily wear and evening wear. Simple separates will get a jolt of appeal with mettalics being woven into […]

Best New Fashion Accessory for Men


It is not all that often that there is a buzz about the fashion world over men’s jewelry, but alas Tod’s has created one. The brand has created various coordinating leather bands that are more than vaguely reminiscent of those “lantern” bracelets we made at camp or in craft class as kids. They are pretty much the sexier, adult version and though they are familiar in ways, they are also […]