Looking great on a winter city break

City breaks are a great way of spending a weekend away before or after Christmas. They offer something to look forward to. A little light on the dark winter horizon. Close to the UK, and indeed in the UK, there are scores of cities with plenty to offer the visitor who spends two or three days there.

Most destinations offer the possibility of cold and more cold. So, whether it is Budapest or Berlin, Bruges or Birmingham, it is necessary to pack clothes for keeping warm.

You won’t be the only visitor in town. ABTA reports that winter city break are becoming increasingly popular.

What to do in a winter city

dressCities in winter are lovely, full of twinkling lights, cafes serving hot chocolate and lots of shopping. Major European cities have department stores, independent stores and shops selling designer labels. Visit markets for local and inexpensive fashion and jewellery.

In the New Year, many shops will be having sales which offers a great opportunity for picking up a fashion bargain or two. If shopping for a particular outfit is part of the trip, be prepared and remember to take the shoes or other items, including jewellery, you will wear with it.

When shopping is done there are art galleries, museums, theatres and concert halls to be explored. Most cities have fantastic architecture, areas of narrow streets, tiny bars and markets.

So, even though much time will be spent indoors, warm clothes are needed for brisk walks round parks, exploring the oldest parts of the city and maybe even walking the city walls. Evenings are an opportunity to ditch the thermals and go for sparkly, as visits are made to smart restaurants, local bars or lively night clubs.

What to wear

Three or four days in a cold European city is certainly one of those occasions when a warm winter coat will be appreciated. There are a great range of suitable coats available including woolen coats, parkas and duffel coats. See some of this year’s fashions here. Even if you don’t wear them at home, take a warm hat, scarf and gloves.

On trend are knitted gloves embellished with jewels and beads. Warm and comfortable shoes are also needed as spending time in a city involves a surprising amount of walking. If the temperatures are expected to be low, smart trousers for daytime sightseeing will be ideal.

If the plan is to go out in the evening to somewhere special – a posh meal, the theatre – a different outfit may be needed. If travel can be made by taxi a glitzy dress or evening trousers could be worn beneath the coat.

Before planning a wardrobe for a weekend away, it is best to have an idea of what attractions will be visited. Then it becomes easier to see what clothes will be needed. Plan the wardrobe and then start to look forward to the holiday. Be ready to be wowed by the new city. And leave room in your case for some great fashion buys.

Image credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ihren/2987589408/