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The Effects of Hard Water on the Home

Tap water droplets

The majority of the Western World is affected by hard water, that is water that contains traces of magnesium and calcium ions. Hard water is created when rainfall comes into contact with the ground and picks up traces of limestone and chalk. You can find out more about how hard water is created by reading through our guide to water softening. Though hard water isn’t dangerous it can cause irreversible […]


One of the easiest ways to maximise space in a child’s bedroom is to invest in a cabin bed. Bed design has come on leaps and bounds over recent years and you can buy a bed that resembles a sports car or uses the space under the bed to be transformed into a tented play area. There’s no limit to the imagination with these ingenious pieces of furniture but what […]

Living room statements and how to make them


The language of interior décor is extremely rich, allowing countless ways in which you can describe your style with simple furniture and colour statements. You cannot be expected to change your furniture each time fashion changes. Instead, in the same way that true fashionistas have just a few quality items in their wardrobe, you should choose your furniture in the same way. In place of a timeless Chanel piece choose […]

The Secret to a Good Nights Sleep


There are a few standard rules that should be followed in order to help guarantee a good nights sleep. Light Levels Our bodies naturally awaken when exposed to increasing light. So, one of the best ways to secure a good nights sleep, is to ensure all windows are fully covered. Beware of thin curtains or shutters that still let light through. Since bathroom lighting tends to be bright, avoid cleaning […]


We all like to get into work a few minutes early so that we can have a quick catch-up with our colleagues in the kitchen or by the office water cooler. Standard ‘cooler fare tends to involve gossiping about last night’s TV, what we made for dinner or what we generally got up to after office hours. There might even be a bad joke or two shared between new employees, […]

Making the Most of your Small Space


There are thousands of different ways you can go about furnishing your home, with hundreds of styles and more types of furniture than you can count. But what do you do if you live in a small flat or studio apartment with limited space? People who live in the city in particular can find themselves in this situation, with hardly any room to move around their sofas or dining tables. […]


Whether you’re searching on the lookout for a new vehicle for your construction company or thinking about what you’ll need for a house extension or landscaping project, you’ll probably come across the mini-loader at some point. This versatile piece of lifting equipment is a digging machine directed via a platform on its rear. The mini-loader can be used to clear debris or, with the aid of attachments, can be […]

Decorating With a Football Theme


If your son is an avid football supporter, his dream bedroom will probably have some sort of a football theme. Get your child involved in the process, let them pick the colours and details and you can really enjoy this project together. There are two ways to approach theming a child’s bedroom, an easily changeable surface makeover or going all out on the theme.  If the subject is something that […]


It may seem more of an annoyance than a potential danger, but mould can cause an allergic reaction in some people.  Dr Edmond Shenassa of the Brown Medical School found that it can even cause a slowing of the emotions, which can lead to depression and mental fatigue.  Mould can develop in a variety of areas and with the installation of central heating and double glazing; older homes can be […]


One of the most important issues you will face when deciding on a broadband provider is the speed of the connection you will get. This relates to the bandwidth available and the amount of data that you can download and upload in a particular period. This is effectively the speed at which your broadband can download information such as music files, video clips, email attachments and other kinds of data. […]