Cabin bed buying guide: everything you need to know

cabinbedOne of the easiest ways to maximise space in a child’s bedroom is to invest in a cabin bed. Bed design has come on leaps and bounds over recent years and you can buy a bed that resembles a sports car or uses the space under the bed to be transformed into a tented play area.

There’s no limit to the imagination with these ingenious pieces of furniture but what do you need to know to make sure you get the best bed for your child?

Safety first

If you are thinking of furnishing your child’s room with cabin beds, manufacturers recommend that these items of furniture are suitable for those over the age of six. This age group can sleep in a cabin bed quite safely and enjoy having private space immediately under the bed for their use.

Cabin beds can adapt with your child’s age

For younger children, it’s very appealing to have a bed that has sleeping space on the top with the area underneath the bed transformed into their own secret domain by attaching tent or other fabrics to the bed. When you’re buying this type of bed, try to make sure that these types of fittings can be modified later on so that the bed will grow with your child.

A bed that provides a wonderful play area for children less than 10 years should be able to be adapted to fit a desk and chair for an older child.

Cabin beds are fashionable

One of the best things about cabin beds is that they are bang on trend. There’s no limit to the imagination employed by cabin bed designers. This is extremely useful for those parents who have problems trying to persuade their children to go to bed. It’s so much easier to encourage a child to go to sleep in a bed that resembles a car rather than a conventional item of furniture!

Cabin beds are great space savers

As your child gets older they may well want to have friends over to stay. Try to bear this in mind when shopping for a bed. Some cabin beds have a second pull-out bed that fits neatly underneath; this is a great space saver and will also encourage your child to develop their social life.

Cabin beds look good and are sturdily built

These adaptable beds are constructed from wood, so they’ll fit in with your existing décor. Thanks to safety standards they are robust and can endure a fair amount of wear and tear. It’s up to you, how high you want the bed to be but bear in mind that if you want the space under the bed to be used as a study area for your child then you don’t want them to bump their head every time they stand up.

Storage options

If your child’s bedroom is small, the make sure that the cabin bed has enough space underneath to incorporate drawers and shelves as part of the overall design. There are numerous options on the market and it may be a good idea to invest in a cabin bed that can house plenty of books, toys and other items as children seem to collect clutter as they grow and their interests diversify.