Living room statements and how to make them

statementsThe language of interior décor is extremely rich, allowing countless ways in which you can describe your style with simple furniture and colour statements. You cannot be expected to change your furniture each time fashion changes. Instead, in the same way that true fashionistas have just a few quality items in their wardrobe, you should choose your furniture in the same way. In place of a timeless Chanel piece choose a top quality sofa which will last you a lifetime. Quality always trumps style, so buying an excellent canvas on which to paint your ideas is a smart move. High-end retailers such as Luxdeco, and other design-focussed companies, give you the option of superb design and superior quality. Luxdeco’s luxury sofas include sassy bright colours as well as more traditional finishes.


Colour blocking is a good design principle to take on board at this point. It is a technique that uses solid blocks of colour, usually contrasting, to create a bold statement in a room. It can often be seen used in modern spaces with bold, zingy colours against a more subtle background. Once you start looking for it, you will see it all around you.

Think how you can use this in your own space. If you are buying a sofa, for example, think how the colour can be used in combination with other elements of your room. Are you going to divide up your space with the sofa? You might echo the colour of your new sofa in a wallpaper or paint choice to further delineate the space you are trying to create. Do you like a pale neutral colour on the walls to display pictures? A gallery-like white space is perfect for a big, bold block of colour in the form of a big Chesterfield sofa or chairs, which will break up the uniformity, and see an echo in the pictures on your wall.

Decisions decisions

Décor-wise, are you up-to-date and on trend? Do you read interior design magazines and try to stay ahead of the crowd? Or are your tastes more traditional, but with an arty twist? While it can be difficult to settle on your style, try to think of what you are asking your space to do for you. Is it going to have a lot of wear and traffic, or is it an adult space where you can simply relax with friends? Function and form combine to make a perfect choice when it comes to designed spaces. If you can combine function, form, colour and style you will achieve design bliss.