Making the Most of your Small Space

There are thousands of different ways you can go about furnishing your home, with hundreds of styles and more types of furniture than you can count. But what do you do if you live in a small flat or studio apartment with limited space? People who live in the city in particular can find themselves in this situation, with hardly any room to move around their sofas or dining tables. It can be a constant battle to just keep the place clean and tidy.

There are, however, many things you can do in order to not only create the illusion of space, but actually make physical room in your home as well. You just need the right kinds of compact furniture and the correct accessories.


Modular furniture is a great option as you can combine it in many different ways such as with the seating arrangements with modular sofas ñ you can actually cater it to your own space, something you might not be able to do with traditional living room suites.

A corner sofa can also help to make the most of your space as well as providing more seating than traditional 3 seater sofas. A corner sofa bed with storage is the ultimate buy for smaller homes as it provides a place to sit, sleep and store your belongings.

Strategically placed armchairs are a great addition in open plan rooms. They can act as a room divider or can be used to create a ‘feature area’ alongside a small table.

Do you want to have overnight guests stay but donít have the space to put them up? Investing in a small sofa bed could be the best thing if you have a small spare room (or none at all). Adding a 2 seater sofa bed to your lounge arrangement will create seats as well as a place to sleep. You can even get chair beds which are perfect for really small rooms and will allow 1 guest to stretch out in comfort.


Using a light colour of paint on the walls is quite a standard practice for making smaller rooms look bigger, and if you donít want to use white or beige tere are a lot of beautiful pastel colours which will work just as well. Kitchens can especially benefit from a pastel yellow or green which will make the room feel light and airy as well as giving it the appearance of being larger than it is.

Mirrors are your best friend in small homes. Putting up large mirrors in strategic places will pick up natural light and make your room seem more spacious.

Storage and stacking accessories are great for saving space. A coffee table with storage compartments or a nest of tables that you can use when guests visit, can all help towards making the most of your space.

Lighting is also something you can use to create the right atmosphere and increase the appearance of space. It’s important to understand where your natural light sources are and to compliment them with the right kind of electric lighting and use of accessories.