The Secret to a Good Nights Sleep

sleepThere are a few standard rules that should be followed in order to help guarantee a good nights sleep.

Light Levels

Our bodies naturally awaken when exposed to increasing light. So, one of the best ways to secure a good nights sleep, is to ensure all windows are fully covered. Beware of thin curtains or shutters that still let light through. Since bathroom lighting tends to be bright, avoid cleaning your teeth just before going to bed, or taking your false teeth out – unless you are fortunate enough to have been blessed in the US with dental implants Denver Colorado, as exposure to artificial light can result in the brain’s decreased secretion of melatonin.

Eating times

Many people say that you should have your biggest meal at lunch time and a smaller one at dinner time, ensuring your final meal falls between 5 and 6pm. This gives you time before bed to allow your digestion to kick in.

Noise Reduction

Insulation or double glazing can help reduce noise from outside, but what happens if the noise is coming from inside – such as a partner snoring? Many people are turning to ear plugs to help eliminate noise.


Fitness fanatics will tell you that by exercising for at least 45 minutes 3 or 4 times a week also helps to guarantee a better sleep pattern. Given that your body repairs at night, the more you do during the day, the more time your body needs to rest.

Minimise Stress

Finally, meditation and yoga are both proven ways to help individuals manage and minimise stress. Often when attempting to fall asleep, or indeed if you are disturbed during a nights sleep and you have a lot on your mind, it may prohibit quickly returning to sleep. Frequently practicing yoga or taking time out from your heavy schedule to meditate is commonly quoted by people to lower their stress levels and promote a better nights sleep.