Living It Up in the Not So Empty Nest


The years after your children have flown the nest can be an opportune time to search for adventure and take on new challenges. Here are just a few of the ways that you can live it up in your not-so-empty nest: Take an active role in the community Whether it’s volunteering at the local school or planning a neighbourhood party, getting involved in your local community can be incredibly rewarding. […]

Autumn-Winter Shoe Style Guide


Shoes can make or break an outfit and the right styles change as fast as the rest of the fashion industry. In order to keep up with the trends, you need to change your shoe styles along with the trends and the seasons. The shoe trends for this autumn and winter are as diverse as ever. Women should be able to find something that fits not only their personalities, but […]

Managing Debt


Debt is a serious concern for many people, most of whom are still paying the price of overspending in the boom years. When the world economy took a nosedive, many people ended up with more debt than they could handle. Fortunately, there are ways in which debt can be made easier to handle without borrowers having to resort to the more extreme measures of bankruptcy or IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements). […]


Finding the right job is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s life. No one wants to be stuck in a job that they are not entirely happy with because spending so much time of almost every day in discontent is enough to send anyone “around the bend”. For those adventurous people amongst us, this causes a real problem because there are almost no jobs that fulfil the constant […]

Tips for Travelling with Your Dog


Most dog owners will need to take their beloved family pet in the car at some time or other, whether for a short holiday, moving house, or simply when visiting relatives. Although some people may dread taking the family dog on a car ride, it can be an enjoyable experience. Just make sure you are prepared in advance. Many dogs fear car rides as they associate them with a negative […]

Maternity underwear


Buying new underwear can be a trying experience at the best of times and buying a new bra in particular can sometimes feel like the hunt for the Holy Grail. Getting it right is important, however, as there’s nothing worse then being stuck at work wearing an ill-fitting bra or a horribly uncomfortable pair of pants! Finding the right maternity underwear is then even more important, because as your body […]

Holiday Accommodation Guide


Booking a holiday involves quite a bit of planning and forethought in order to ensure that your get everything just right for your party. Once the location is decided upon the most important thing to consider is your accommodation; exactly where will you be staying and what type of accommodation you need? This is never more important than when booking a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in an exotic location such […]


Whether you’re searching on the lookout for a new vehicle for your construction company or thinking about what you’ll need for a house extension or landscaping project, you’ll probably come across the mini-loader at some point. This versatile piece of lifting equipment is a digging machine directed via a platform on its rear. The mini-loader can be used to clear debris or, with the aid of attachments, can be […]

Decorating With a Football Theme


If your son is an avid football supporter, his dream bedroom will probably have some sort of a football theme. Get your child involved in the process, let them pick the colours and details and you can really enjoy this project together. There are two ways to approach theming a child’s bedroom, an easily changeable surface makeover or going all out on the theme.  If the subject is something that […]


It may seem more of an annoyance than a potential danger, but mould can cause an allergic reaction in some people.  Dr Edmond Shenassa of the Brown Medical School found that it can even cause a slowing of the emotions, which can lead to depression and mental fatigue.  Mould can develop in a variety of areas and with the installation of central heating and double glazing; older homes can be […]