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Kangaroo Island, south west of Adelaide, is Australia’s third largest island, covering over 1,500 square miles. Once occupied by Australian Aborigines, the natives vanished when rising sea levels several thousand years ago turned the land into an island. It was unofficially resettled in the early 1800s by whalers and sealers, but was officially resettled in 1836, and has remained occupied ever since. Its breathtaking, rugged coastline will live long in […]

Travel Clothing and Accessories

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Pack the appropriate items. Depending on your travel location and the time of year, a summer trip will generally require cool clothing and accessories and winter trip will require warm clothing and plenty of it. However, those cool or rainy evenings find us unprepared when on holiday in the sun and ski holidays certainly need light weight clothes for clubbing and pubbing. Choose something comfortable to actually travel in, perhaps […]

Living It Up in the Not So Empty Nest


The years after your children have flown the nest can be an opportune time to search for adventure and take on new challenges. Here are just a few of the ways that you can live it up in your not-so-empty nest: Take an active role in the community Whether it’s volunteering at the local school or planning a neighbourhood party, getting involved in your local community can be incredibly rewarding. […]


Finding the right job is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s life. No one wants to be stuck in a job that they are not entirely happy with because spending so much time of almost every day in discontent is enough to send anyone “around the bend”. For those adventurous people amongst us, this causes a real problem because there are almost no jobs that fulfil the constant […]

Tips for Travelling with Your Dog


Most dog owners will need to take their beloved family pet in the car at some time or other, whether for a short holiday, moving house, or simply when visiting relatives. Although some people may dread taking the family dog on a car ride, it can be an enjoyable experience. Just make sure you are prepared in advance. Many dogs fear car rides as they associate them with a negative […]

Holiday Accommodation Guide


Booking a holiday involves quite a bit of planning and forethought in order to ensure that your get everything just right for your party. Once the location is decided upon the most important thing to consider is your accommodation; exactly where will you be staying and what type of accommodation you need? This is never more important than when booking a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in an exotic location such […]

Find Your Great Train Journey Inspiration


Though lots of people don’t think to investigate it, riding the rails can be an exhilarating experience. I suppose not everyone is aware of the fact that along the journey to your final destination you can hop off and take tours or go on excursions. There is a great deal more flexibility involved than might be apparent, and there are more than simply a handful of truly great train journeys […]


There is much to be read about the Panama Canal, as it is referred to as a nexus of global trade. In addition, since it is charted to add two new sets of locks by two thousand fourteen there is more literature to come. But for me, the news that both of the two new locks will allow for the passage of thirteen thousand cargo ships is not particularly interesting. […]


I have to wonder what we ever did before we had travel information online. Sure, I know we relied upon the printed versions of Lonely Planet, Fodor’s and others of the same ilk. But, having both of those online to access at will is a phenomenal advancement in my opinion. However, there is one guide maker that still holds my full attention in the printed format, Louis Vuitton. You may […]

The Mystery of Travel Etiquette Unraveled


I was just reading up on “etiquette” rules for travelers, and have come away smiling from the humour involved in tackling the subject. It is not that the answers are comical it is that we have all encountered the same questions, and deliberated over what the correct answer, or action is. For example, who is actually entitled to the armrest that sits between you and another passenger on a flight? […]