The Most Important Adventure Author I Nearly Forgot About

Though I am not entirely sure when this book was released, it keeps popping up on my radar. It’s title is Wind, Sand and Start and was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. What make this travel book so interesting is that it is a captivating narrative account by St. Exupery himself of events that took place beginning in the 1930s.

Originally this book was brought to my attention on the site Longitude, Recommended Reading for Travelers, which I have found to be a good resource, and reliable guide in this realm. And then it again appeared as one of National Geographic’s Top Ten Adventure Books of All Times. That is quite the accolade to say the least.

Anyway, back to the book, or rather the author hand, Saint-Exupery tells many fantastic tales of his flights over numerous parts of the world as a pioneering aviator in this book. He surfaces as a definite wordsmith, and enchanting writer indeed. But, there was something nagging at me each time I saw his name.

Then it dawned on me he is also the author of Le Petit Prince of course. I am more than slightly embarrassed at how long it took me to make the connection to him being such a national treasure of France, and a benefactor to the entire world.